Make the Most of Summer

We have one more month of summer. One more month to capture that summer feeling — feeling relaxed and laid back. One more month to get an ice cream cone and eat it outside. One more month to put a…


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Getting Over Someone

What to do when someone you love really hurts you.

Love is a funny thing. We fall hardest for those who hurt us the most, and we often can’t get over them until they stop hurting us. When someone you love hurts you, it can be difficult to get over them. You may find yourself thinking about them long after they’ve gone, or even trying to make up with them again. It’s normal to feel this way when someone has hurt us deeply.

However, if you are still feeling this way weeks later, then there are some steps that you should take in order to move on and heal your heart before getting back into another relationship. In this blog post, we will explore how to heal from someone you love really hurting you, and find closure in order to move on with your life!

When you find yourself stuck after a bad breakup, the first thing you should do is take an honest assessment of what your needs are at this moment. You may have already tried moving on by avoiding these thoughts or feelings that keep bringing you back into their lives, but it hasn’t worked yet.

Take time now to identify what YOUR NEEDS are — write down exactly why you feel broken and vulnerable right now, without trying too hard to fix it. This will allow you to focus on what YOU need in order to heal, instead of how the person who hurt you is feeling or acting.

Learn how to take care of yourself by being gentle with yourself right now — focus on what YOU need in order to heal so that one day soon, your ex won’t have such a hold over your life anymore.

Break the habit of calling, texting, or thinking about them. When you find yourself missing them and…

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