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a haiku for the prompt “hiding”. “behind bars” is published by Molly Skeen in House of Haiku.


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Multimodel research Assignment about Gun Control

Gun control is a controversial topic that has been around for a while but resurfaces every time there is a mass shooting or some type of shooting. The topic is very split, and people are either for or against gun control. On one side people think that gun control isn’t needed because they believe it truly will not work, and they think adding more guns could solve the issue. Others believe that gun control is needed, and the United States needs to add some form of it and that not all guns need to be banned. Arguments break out all the time because of shootings and the two sides just argue instead of trying to find some way to stop or at least slow down the number of mass shootings, so almost nothing much is ever accomplished. There have been record-breaking mass shootings very recently and both sides are trying to figure out why these shootings keep occurring. Some people blame violent movies/video games and others believe that it could be mental health problems that cause this person to do this awful act of violence. For this research essay, I’m going to go over both perspectives of gun control and even talk about my own views on it and I’m also going to go over what other countries are doing or have done to help control how many mass killings occur.

The increase of anxiety from mass shootings brings blame towards weapons and the number of people of wanting guns also increases as well. The use of google trends was able to show how all of this is related, by putting in “gun control” you can see a spike in interest after a mass shooting occurs. People hear gun control and think immediately that all weapons will be banned, but that isn’t the case. All that is really needed is to take away certain guns that aren’t needed to be bought by normal civilians such as AR-15s which have been used a lot by these killers. Gun control also makes sure that guns are going to the right people, it means stricter regulations so not everyone can just get a gun. This will help make it harder for these awful people from getting guns and killing innocent people. In some shootings the killers are using multiple weapons that are mostly used by the military, for example, the Las Vegas shooting that happened in October of 2017, the shooter had 47 weapons in the hotel room where he killed 58 people and injured 851 making it the deadliest shooting in United States history. With stricter gun control there is no way this man could have purchased these weapons, the reason-giving other people guns to try to stop someone won't work is because, if you give everyone guns and a shooting happens it makes it way harder to tell who the actual culprit is because everyone will just be shooting. People who say gun control won’t stop these killings because people will always be able to purchase guns some way, this is true, but the main reason for gun control is to make it way harder for people to acquire weapons and to lower the rate in which these killings occur.

In the article that I used for my assignment “The case for moderate gun control” the writer believed in something called moderate gun control which is what I went over earlier which is banning certain weapons, but others like pistols and shotguns can be used for protecting your home. I do partially agree with this because banning all guns will be way harder to do right away and now seems impossible but banning certain weapons would be a challenge, but I feel that it could be done. There are too many deaths for this to be unrecognized that guns are an issue and we need to find a way both parties can settle some agreement to minimize these killings. In other countries such as Australia, Canada, and Japan they have strict gun control which they have seen improvements. In Canada, they were able to drop the number of deaths per year due to gun violence. Canada focused more on licensing gun owners and registration of firearms, and they have seen a drop of deaths. Public health says that around 1,100 deaths a year are due to firearms and many are preventable and involve younger people. In Australia, the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, where 35 people were killed the Australians immediately acted where gun owners had to sell certain weapons to the state where they would destroy them. Australia hasn’t had a mass shooting since then, but they have had mass killings, but still are nothing as bad as what is happening in the United States now.

Japan rarely sees more than 10-gun deaths a year, this is because of how strict their gun laws are there that most people don’t even want to bother going through all that to own a weapon. They have a lot of different regulations to make sure that the right people get weapons, people must go through an all-day class, pass a written test, and get 95% or better accuracy during a shooting-range test. Even after all of that, they need to get a background check and go through a mental-health evaluation.

This shows total homicides to homicides used with guns

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