The Wristband that Gives You Superpowers

Neuroscientist David Eagleman aims to give deaf people a new way to hear — and upgrade everyone else’s senses too.


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Engage With Customers Using Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger provides brands with a unique opportunity to establish a 1-to-1 relationship with your customer, so you can provide that individualized attention that makes people feel wanted. After all, if you needed help with something specific, you wouldn’t want to keep receiving generalized messages that didn’t apply to you. The same concept is true for your audience.

It’s not always about the products or services you’re selling, it’s about how you do it. Possibly the top benefit of using Facebook Messenger is creating a great customer service experience that lets your customer know that you understand. The more you understand your customer, the better chance you have to provide content that is valuable and relevant to their journey. Customers (and brands) can benefit from this type of relationship — it not only helps you stay relevant in the midst of other brands competing for their attention, but it also encourages loyalty. People will want to come back to a brand that cares enough to enhance their experience. There may be imitators of your brand’s products or services, but nothing can imitate the experience that you provide to your customers. This is a truly invaluable part of your marketing, so don’t overlook it!

Now, you might be thinking, cold-messaging tactics aren’t really my brand’s style. No problem! Using Facebook Messenger won’t encourage a ‘cold-messaging’ style because you aren’t sending messages to random users. You’re sending messages to people that your brand already has a relationship with: the people that follow your page. We can all agree that as much as people like an interactive experience, they don’t want to be approached out of the blue. Unsolicited ads and contact can really freak people out. But you aren’t doing that! Facebook Messenger gives you the advantage of interacting with only the people that are already interacting with your page. The best part about that is that the relationship has started on the customer’s end and not yours, so they feel less forced into interacting with your brand. For example, you might see that a user leaves a comment expressing interest in a certain service. You can take a cue from that and send that user a message that might address their questions or concerns. This will help solidify that 1-to-1 relationship we mentioned earlier.

Starting out with Facebook Messenger can sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The concept might be a little different, but generally the ‘rules’ and best practices of effectively reaching your customers stay somewhat the same. Check out a few best practices to keep in mind if you’re just getting started with Facebook Messenger:

You may be using a different avenue to communicate with your customers, but that’s no reason to stop sounding like yourself. All of your correspondence is reflective of your brand, and above all else, you want your brand to remain authentic. Genuine connection with your customers will win every time.

Ok, so we already talked a little about personalization, but we’re mentioning it again because it’s that important. Part of a great customer experience is curating the experience that is the most relevant to the individual. Use customer names in messages and pay attention to all of the aspects of their journey with your brand when you’re communicating with them. Make it known that you are in tune with their needs.

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