Getting Over Someone

Love is a funny thing. We fall hardest for those who hurt us the most, and we often can’t get over them until they stop hurting us. When someone you love hurts you, it can be difficult to get over…


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Vert.x Logging

I find this much preferable to the JUL logger, which requires string concatenation to accommodate the same thing:

To set Log4j2 dependencies in your pom.xml, include the following:

and refer to your logger exactly as you would with any other factory, by importing the vertx logger:

What’s important to note is that the vert.x launcher initializes the logger factory before your verticle starts. In other words, you can’t programmatically set a system property in your verticle implementation. Also note that you cannot set the system property in your pom.xml when using the fabric8 Maven plugin:

$ mvn package vertx:run

will not work. Not sure if this is a bug or expected behaviour but I am hoping to spare some cycles some time to look into it.

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