Getting Over Someone

Love is a funny thing. We fall hardest for those who hurt us the most, and we often can’t get over them until they stop hurting us. When someone you love hurts you, it can be difficult to get over…


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Make the Most of Summer

We have one more month of summer. One more month to capture that summer feeling — feeling relaxed and laid back. One more month to get an ice cream cone and eat it outside. One more month to put a boat or an inner tube in the water and just float.

I live in the upper Midwest — summer is short. We have no time to waste.

Here is my plan to make the most of this last month of summer.

1. Decide my intention for August — I need to get quiet and think about what I want to accomplish, how I want to feel, and what I want to do. I want to write and share my writing. I want to connect with other writers. I want to connect with my husband, my friends, my kids. I want to enjoy the abundance of fresh vegetables that you can only buy at this time of year. I want to sit at the beach and read. That’s a lot so I probably need to decide what is the most important.

2. Get Out My Calendar — I need to plan to make most of this happen. I need to schedule my writing time. I can connect with my husband and friends while eating a dinner using those fabulous vegetables. And my husband also likes to sit at the beach and read. I can do that and connect with him. I’ll check the weather app and plan that outing.

3. Follow Through — It’s very easy at the end of the day to decide to turn on the TV and stream whatever show I happen to be watching. I’ll just watch one episode. Three episodes later it’s time for bed. None of that this August. That’s January/10 degrees below zero behavior! I will put my kayak in my Prius and paddle. I will go to the lake with a notebook and write.

I bought a new planner. I’m ready to plan, to do, and to just be.

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